Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is of great economic importance for many nations around the world, due to the fact that it ensures fuel for transport, and also global revenues from excise duties that support governments and national economies.

Adulteration and counterfeiting of fuel, illegal trading and trafficking, abuse of franchise, and excise tax evasion represent serious threat to revenues of governments and energy companies in the world.

It is estimated that losses in government and private companies’ revenues, caused by illegal activities, reach almost $ 100 billion per year, i.e. almost 100 million EUR per year in Serbia. Having in mind the fact that mentioned huge losses could be turned into the revenues, integrity in fuel storage and efficient collection of fuel excise duties become interest of vital importance for a country economy.

As a distributor of world’s most famous authority in area of fuel authentication technology, Nanoinspekt brings to Serbia approved and proven technology of designing and implementing of efficient fuel authentication programs, which consistently generate significant and fast feedback investments – very often within several months of program implementation. Our fuel integrity programs help customers to accurately and quickly determine if the fuel on market is illegal or not. .